Landscape Design

by Alina Gardens Inc.

We create functional and ecologically respectful gardens for the urban setting that support and encourage healthy outdoor activities for the modern family while providing valuable bird and pollinator habitat right at your door step.

Our mission is to guide and influence a new generation of landscape design without compromising standards, values and principles. Our goal is to create unique outdoor environments that compliment and become a natural extension to your diverse lifestyle.

Project Management

by Alina Gardens Inc.

At Alina Gardens Inc. we take our time to ensure that you are satisfied and excited about your new garden design. As such, we understand the importance of having the final built product be as beautiful and satisfying as you could have imagined. That is why we have spent years carefully selecting the highest quality contractors in the industry to turn that vision into reality. We build and manage the team for your peace of mind.

"Great vision, excellent aesthetic result."

— Mario Montagano, client, 2014

Alina R. Kouneva Tremblay

CEO/Creative Director
Masters of Landscape Architecture Candidate, UBC
B.Environmental Design Hons., UBC

As a Bulgarian - Armenian growing up in Bulgaria, food, family and nature was the fabric of my childhood. When we moved to Vancouver in 1991 that lush, fruit picking, dirt laden villa lifestyle quickly vanished. Small living quarters and busy streets became the norm as I learned a new language and became enthralled in making new friends. It wasn’t until my first visit back home a few years later that a spark ignited in me. The onset and urge to create environments became a passion and set a foot the next 13 years of architectural studies. With the foundation of environmental design, architecture and landscape architecture Alina Gardens was born and the quest to creating landscapes for wildlife and families in the urban context was well on its way.


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DAWN GRAY| client | 2017

Alina Gardens ! What a wonderful experience. The planning and professionalism let you know immediately that you are in great and talented hands. The end result was just spectacular. Brilliant planning and execution. Customer service is above and beyond.. just great. I am thrilled with the results . Very happy.. I give Alina and her team my highest recommendation. Thank you Alina

NANCY SMEAL | strata client | 2017

Our Strata Council contracted Alina Gardens to design and re-plant a portion of our landscaping which was neither effectively designed or properly installed by the developer. In order to minimize maintenance and watering costs, we needed to undergo a substantial renovation. Alina was able to understand our needs of reducing maintenance costs along with recommending a plan that included trees, shrubs and bushes that are native to the west coast and will thrive in our climate. The result is astounding with a wonderful variety of deciduous and coniferous trees, colourful shrubs and berries, and suitable low growth ground cover that are planted to allow for a lush appearance and privacy for our homes. Alina's thorough and professional approach included several initial meetings and visits to discuss and agree upon the most viable and cost effective plan. She also was very careful to ensure that post-install care instructions were clearly laid for us and for our landscaping maintenance contractors. As a result of Alina's understanding of our needs and the greatly improved design, plant selection, soil and fertilizer application, and follow up service, we can now enjoy an attractive and low maintenance view that encourages all , including the local birds and bees, to enjoy our property. 


LAKHINDER DHAMI| developer client | 2016

Alina listened to what we wanted and then came back with a plan that was perfect for our needs. She really took the time to figure out our style and find plants that we loved that would also be easy to maintain.

DARREN PLOTKIN| client | 2015

Alina was most professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She understood our vision, and created a spectacular landscape that was featured in a national magazine, as well as an award winner. I would use Alina again if the opportunity arose. 


PATTI WALKER, BOB PAGE + ROCKY | client | 2014

Alina transformed our front yard into a beautiful nature retreat. Not only are we enjoying it, but our resident frogs, birds, butterflies and bees are loving it too! Alina is enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable. She and her staff are professional, friendly, hard working and a joy to collaborate with. We are very pleased with our beautiful new yard and would recommend Alina Gardens to anyone looking for an innovative and talented landscape designer who works with nature and who cares about the environment. 


MARIO MONTAGANO | client | 2014

How gratuitous meeting Alina, who then took my simple plan of a backyard putting green to a beautiful garden incorporating my passion for golf. Alina was most accommodating to my various design modifications ensuring we got it right before breaking ground. We managed a sunken trampoline, with flat stone retaining wall, to pacify kids back yard hobby, two patio areas appeasing my wife’s desires for afternoon tea in the garden and my passion for golf, including a 20’X40’ putting green, a large sand trap and a well disguised 10x 15 golf hitting cage, all nestled around the large stone pathways and the strategic selections of plants and trees. It truly makes for a wonderful place to play or relax. 

The detailed design proved invaluable in ensuing contractor did not deviate from the design plan and her continued engagement with contractor ensured all the technical (drainage, soil etc.) and the above ground details were performed as required. 

Great vision, excellent aesthetic result, hopefully better golf.


GEORGE, PRESIDENT AT SUN BROTHER | developer client | 2013

I am truly satisfied with Alina's work. The landscape elements and plants within her designs are very nice, specific and practical. I hope to collaborate with her on our next project.


BREANNE BIRD| contractor | 2013

I have had the pleasure of working alongside this very ambitious and energetic lady. She takes her work very seriously and  is very passionate about bettering people's lives through their connection with plants. She is a great directional leader and embodies her integrity through her work and her passion. Communication is her strength and if something isn't working out the way the customer or employees expect it to, she works it out immediately. Her finished projects are nothing short of spectacular and everyone who works with her feels empowered. The standard of work is very professional from start to finish and completed on time and within the customer's budget. I highly recommend to anyone looking to restore their yards into a place they'll truly love to hire Alina Gardens Inc. 






We want the creation and transformation of your garden to be easy and fun. To do that, we have outlined the critical pieces to a landscape design project from start to finish. Our goal is that you understand the process fully so that you can determine what's right for you. In each step we offer a component of education because we are committed that you have confidence and peace of mind around your new garden.  


1. Discovery: together we fully discover your garden needs and dream list

2. Concept Creation: we conceptualize your vision into 2D + 3D imagery

3. Design Development: we will design each element suited to  your wish list

4. Team Coordination: with an approved plan we will work side by side with your contractor to assure your garden is built to perfection

5. Site Review: we will conduct 3 site visits assuring quality control

6. One year follow up: after one full season we will assure you and your garden are getting along

7. Two year follow up: after two seasons your garden is a teenager. And to celebrate we will conduct a professional photoshoot with your family



This is where you get to pick and choose what's right for you. 


Bouquet Package [design phase]       Steps 1 - 3 

Includes: Master Garden Design Package

Profusion Package [design + build phase]        Steps 1 - 5 

Includes: Master Garden Design Package + Site Instruction + Quality Control 

Exquisite Package [design + build + follow up phase]        Steps 1 - 7

Includes: Master Garden Design Package + Site Instruction + Quality Control + Follow Up + Photoshoot